A selection of reference literature with comments

Celant, Germano, ”Book as artwork 1960/72”, Nigel Greenwood, London 1972.  This is the first artists´books catalogue.

”Artists´ Books”, Moore College of Art, Philadelphia 1973. This is the first time the axpression artists´books is used.

Lippard, Lucy R., ”Six years: The dematerialization of the art object from 1966 to 1972…”, London 1973. This is a crucial monograph in order to understand the ideological conditions of conceptual art and the presence artists´ books.

”Artists´Bookworks”, Arts Council, London 1976. This is the first attempt to analyse and define artists´books. Arts Council opinion was that artists´ books must printed in an edition in order to be an artist´s book. Book objects were not considered.

”Cavefors, katalog 77/78”, with illustrations of Carsten Regild, Lund 1978.

Kalejdoskop nr 1/2, ”Konstnärsböcker - Artists´Books”, Kristianstad 1980. With this double issue Sune Nordgren introduced the art form artists´books in Sweden.

”The Page as Alternative Space, 1950 - 1969”, checklist, Barbara Moore och Jon Hendricks, Backworks, Franklin Furnace, New York 1980. Franklin Furnace and Martha Wilson, created the worlds largest collection of artists´books. In 1994 that archive was sold to Museum of Modern Art i New York.

Celant, Germano and Guest, Tim, ”Books by Artists´”, Toronto 1981. Tim Guest is with his archive and his special artits´books shop, Art Metrople together with Printed Matter i New York and König in Germany the most well-stocked book shops for artists´ books.

”Künstlerbücher”, Frankfurter Kunstverein, Frankfurt 1981. I was the curator of the Swedish material and wrote the part about the Swedish artists´books in the catalogue. This was the very first exhibition where Sweish artists books took part.

Paletten nr 4/1981, Leif Eriksson, ”Svenska konstnärsböcker”, Göteborg 1981. This was the first overlapping presentation of Swedish artists´books, ever.

”Swedish Artists´Books”, checklist, Franklin Furnace, New York 1981. The first exhibition of Swedish artists´books in New York.

XIIème Biennale de Paris 1982, Anne Mœglin Delcroix: ”Livres d’artistes - années 80”, Paris 1982. Anne Mœglin Delcroix has been working with the collection of artists´books at Bibliotèque Nationale de France and has published many catalogues about the subject and so far the most extensive monograph”Esthètique du livre d’artiste 1960/1980”, France 1997.

Konst- och bildforskning, nr 5/6 1983, ”Artists´Books/Booked Art - Konstnärsböcker/Konst på bok” is the catalogue for the first Swedish exhibition with international artists´books.

Grafik - Nytt 5/84, ”Artists´Books Konstnärsböcker”, edited by Thomas Kjellgren, Kristianstad 1984.

”Artists´Books, a Critical Anthology and Sourcebook” edited by Joan Lyons, New York 1985. An important reference book about arists´books. Among the essay you can find Ulises Carrion´s important text ”The New Art of Making Books”, also published in Kalejdoskop double issue 1/2, 1980. You also find Lucy R. Lippard´s ”The Artist´s Book Goes Public” published in Art in America 1977.

”Künstlerbücher - Buchobjekte”, Universitätsbibliothek, Oldenburg, 1986. This exhibition in Oldenburg, Germany is probably the most extensive with artists´books.

Beckerell nr 3, Leif Eriksson, ”Artists´Books”, Malmö 1993.
Phillpot, Clive, ”Twentysix Gasoline Stations that Shook the World…”, Art Libraries Journal, 1993 18/1, 1993. Phillpot is one of the leading experts on artists´ books. He was earlier the manager of the library of Museum of Modern Art, New York.

Drucker, Johanna, ”The Century of Artists´Books”, New York 1995.

”Boken som objekt”, Sune Nordgren, Föreningen Svenska Tecknare, Röhsska museet, Värnamo 1996.

”Boken och bilden”, Ulf Hård af Segerstad, Föreningen Svenska Tecknare, Röhsska museet, Värnamo 1997.

Artists´Books & Bibliofila klubben, Leif Eriksson, ”Konstnärsböcker - Konst på bok” Grafikens hus, 1997.

Møglin - Delcroix, Anne, ”Esthétique du livre d’artiste, 1960/1980”, Paris 1997. The first major work about artists´books in the classical period 1960-1980.

Odehammar, Ulf, ”Konstnärsbok - metabok - artist´s book” essay, Stockholm 1998. In this essay you can find some good references to artists´ books.

”Artists´ books - konst i bokform”, Leif Eriksson, Föreningen Svenska Tecknare, Röhsska museet, Värnamo 1998.

”C-O Hultén Tryck och Otryckt”, Leif Eriksson, Ystad Konstmuseum, 2002.

”Tecken i skyn”, om Bo Cavefors bokutgivning, Leif Eriksson, Rooke Time No. 34. 2002. Extended essay in connection with the show at Färgfabriken, Stockholm and Ystad Konstmuseum 2003.

”PUSS - minst lika viktig idag!” Leif Eriksson, catalogue, Malmö Konsthall, Malmö 2003.

Artists´Books - The Page as Alternative Space, Leif Eriksson catalogue Ystad Konstmuseum 2003.

”Style is Fraud” Carl Fredrik Reuterswärd, an essay about his artist´s books, Leif Eriksson, Värnamo 2003. Also as an off print 2004.

”Föregångare och favoriter, Moderna museets kataloger 1956-1973”, Leif Eriksson, catalogue Malmö konsthall, Malmö 2003.

”A very brief story about Swedish booked art”, Leif Eriksson, Baltic, Gateshead. 2003-2004.
”Konkret om Imaginisterna”, Leif Eriksson, Ystad 2004.

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